Dear Friends, Sponsors, Supporters, Staff, Children, and Their Families,

When I was an orphan on the streets of Kampala, 18 years ago, I dreamt of a refuge where vulnerable children like me would be safe from hunger, abuse, abandonment, and illness. This dream was all I had, and it sustained me.

Today M-Lisada has fulfilled my dream. Located in Nsambya, Kampala, Uganda, M-Lisada cares for up to 200 resident and non-resident children and youth, from 3 to 19 years old. We are dedicated to providing these children with a home, love, security, medical care, and education. M-Lisada strives to change the expected destiny of these children, and because we are largely successful, M-Lisada is one of the most highly regarded Non-Governmental Organizations in Kampala.

Much of our success derives from our newest, most innovative programs—which directly empower our children. We are building a school and residence on our land in Bombo, where we will focus on music and agriculture. Our children are teaching music at diverse places such as a juvenile rehabilitation center, a community school, a home for the disabled, and a fishing village. Our sister organization, the Mummy Foundation, has a new building. We have begun a new peer-to-peer urban program where our children are mentoring street and slum dwellers.

M-Lisada is also focusing on capacity building for our staff, and has developed new policy papers: code of conduct, child protection, volunteer manual, strategic plan, etc.

This has been an exciting year, we hope that you will want to join us in heart or perhaps even visit us. We welcome you.

Bosco Segawa


Our mission is to reduce the number of children living on the streets in Uganda, by providing them with a home, an education, and protection.

M-Lisada strives  to restore dignity and self-confidence through the teaching of life skills, music, and the arts, thereby improving the lives of vulnerable children, and their chances for the future. 


Support from Brass for Africa

Brass for Africa (BfA) has supported M-Lisada for several years, creating an income stream by funding M-Lisada to teach music and mentor the children at The Good Shepherd Home and Bethlehem Orphanage. BfA also supplies instruments, music, and technical support to the M-Lisada bands. Now Brass for Africa is supporting several new large projects associated with M-Lisada. Click on the name of each project to read more: Little Instrument Repair WorkshopKampiringisa Rehabilitation Centre Programme, and the Mummy Foundation.

Zimri and Kendra

Zimri, adopted last summer by Kendra Lubiens, is growing like the proverbial weed, speaking torrents of English, and has become a happy little girl.

Read More About Zimri 

Bosco in the UK

After three years of trying, director Bosco Segawa has gotten his visa and is currently in the UK, staying with the Trott family (Jim Trott is a Trustee at Brass for Africa, and is a big supporter—see story above). Bosco will spend two weeks promoting M-Lisada and seeing friends and supporters. 

Renovations at M-Lisada

Last year we made major improvements to the house—new toilets, a sick bay, and kitchen renovations. Now, thanks to the Chellaston School, a second story is being added onto the boys' dormitory, allowing us to safely house many more children.


Charity Lilian 

I was the only child born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Charles. When I was 5 years old my mother got sick of an unknown infectious disease and died. Two years later my father also passed away. We went to the burial with our neighbors in Fort Portal. This was my first time to go to the village. The only person we knew was our insane grandmother.

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Primary Needs 

Our biggest needs are always the same: food and education. A small monthly donation can make a big difference in the children’s diet. And approximately $1,500 a year will pay for a child’s annual school fees. This can be broken into three payments—perhaps you and two friends could share the cost.

Laptop Computers

We collected seven laptops this past spring, but several have batteries that are failing. So if you, a friend, or your employer have any PCs or Macs that are not being used, please let us know. We can repair them if necessary. 

Transport Goods

We always need people to take books, computers (must be hand carried), and equipment to Kampala. Let us know when you are going, and we'll ship you something to take with you.


If you would like to contribute to M-Lisada, remember that we now have 501(c)(3) status, which means that your contribution is fully tax deductible. One hundred percent of your donation goes to M-Lisada—there are no hidden administrative costs. Please indicate if you would like your contribution to go toward a specific need. I'd be happy to discuss any questions you may have; just send me an email.  

Weebale nnyo—thank you very much,
Rochelle Zabarkes, president
M-Lisada Africa Foundation


Currently all expenditures are underwritten by people who love M-Lisada. As we grow we promise never to spend more than 10% of all gifts to fund program services.