Dear Friends, Sponsors, Supporters, Staff, Children, and their Families,

When I was an orphan on the streets 15 years ago, I dreamt of a refuge where vulnerable children would be safe from abuse, abandonment, deprivation, and illness. I had nothing but this dream.

Today M-Lisada Children's Home has fulfilled this dream. Located in Nsambya, Kampala, M-Lisada cares for up to 200 children and youth, ages 3 to 19 years. We are dedicated to providing these children with love, security, medical care, and education. We give them a home. M-Lisada, one of the most highly regarded Non-Governmental Organizations in Kampala, is striving to change the expected destiny of such innocent souls. Our programs and dedication are unequaled; our successes are many.

Much has happened in the past year: we have hired new staff, made needed improvements to our house, bought additional farmland, created an urban garden, and much more. Read all about the new developments below. Join M-Lisada as, with much enthusiasm, we move forward in the coming year.

We welcome you.

Bosco Segawa


Our mission is to reduce the number of children living on the streets in Uganda, by providing them with a home, an education, and protection.

M-Lisada strives  to restore dignity and self-confidence through the teaching of life skills, music, and the arts, thereby improving the lives of vulnerable children, and their chances for the future. 


Thank you for 2013

As the year draws to a close, we’ve looked back on all that has happened. Thank you to all who have made these things possible.

In the spring Desire Nyende came to the U.S.to undergo complicated back surgery. All surgeries and medical care, home care, and transportation were donated. And the boy’s back is straight for the first time in his life.

Miraculously, three children were legally adopted, and traveled to their new homes in Iowa and Idaho this summer. I will write more about their experiences in future blogs.
In the summer when our van was stolen and totaled in a crash, Yves Baes purchased a new van for M-Lisada within a week, so that our children would be able to go to school.
We made vast improvements to our house—three new toilets, a sick bay, and kitchen renovations—thanks to our benefactors.
With major support from Yves Baes, M-Lisada has constructed a house that will accommodate the children and staff of M-lisada while they work at our farm in Bombo. We believe that it is through agriculture that M-Lisada will be able to provide substantial and nutritional food to the children.

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Charity Lilian 

I was the only child born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Charles. When I was 5 years old my mother got sick of an unknown infectious disease and died. Two years later my father also passed away. We went to the burial with our neighbors in Fort Portal. This was my first time to go to the village. The only person we knew was our insane grandmother.

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Primary Needs 

Our biggest needs are always the same: food and education. A small monthly donation can make a big difference in the children’s diet. And approximately $1,500 a year will pay for a child’s annual school fees. This can be broken into three payments—perhaps you and two friends could share the cost.

Laptop Computers

We collected seven laptops this past spring, but several have batteries that are failing. So if you, a friend, or your employer have any PCs or Macs that are not being used, please let us know. We can repair them if necessary. 

Transport Goods

We always need people to take books, computers (must be hand carried), and equipment to Kampala. Let us know when you are going, and we'll ship you something to take with you.


Currently all expenditures are underwritten by people who love M-Lisada. As we grow we promise never to spend more than 10% of all gifts to fund program services.